• The City at Your Feet
    The City at Your Feet

    Siam Royal View, Pattaya

  • Live Like a King
    Live Like a King

    Siam Royal View, Pattaya

  • A Truly Prime Address
    A Truly Prime Address

    Siam Royal View, Pattaya

  • The Private Community
    The Private Community

    Siam Royal View, Pattaya

  • Relaxing with Pure Happiness
    Relaxing with Pure Happiness

    Siam Royal View, Pattaya

  • Your Own Private Sanctuary
    Your Own Private Sanctuary

    Siam Royal View, Pattaya

  • Panoramic Living
    Panoramic Living

    Siam Royal View, Pattaya

  • The Ultimate Privacy
    The Ultimate Privacy

    Siam Royal View, Pattaya

  • Flamboyant Living
    Flamboyant Living

    Siam Royal View, Pattaya

  • Celebrate Your Lifestyle
    Celebrate Your Lifestyle

    Pattaya Beach

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Luxury Lifestyle Pattaya Villas

For those living on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand, Siam Royal View’s luxury lifestyle, Pattaya villas offer the best in high end living. 

Pattaya Villas with the highest buiding standards

Features of our Pattaya villas

Siam Royal View has gone to great lengths to ensure the best possible design and quality for our completed villas. Designed by our team of foreign and Thai architects, our villas blend the best of both cultures, combining traditional Thai styling with a modern European touch

Luxurey lifestyle Pattaya villas

From the foundations to the roof, Siam Royal View have sourced and tested the best quality components available, incorporating the most appropriate traditional and modern materials, to create a beautiful home that makes you feel both comfortable and confident.


  • Air-conditioners in all bedrooms
  • Hot water system throughout the house
  • Built-in kitchen cupboards & drawers with black granite top
  • Siemens electric hobs (ceramic), and hood

The designs on all our Pattaya villas were created using the latest 3D architectural software and are constructed under constant supervision by our European and Thai management team. All our villas are rigorously inspected at all stages of construction.

The city skyline views from one of our Pattaya villas

The design of the various villa styles allows a flexibility that permits numerous customisation options, ensuring that the finished home meets your individual requirements, from the overall room configuration to the detail in fittings and tile patterns.

A stylish living room in one of our Pattaya villas

Elegant dining in a Pattaya villa

All our Pattaya villas are provided with private parking, spacious grounds, a veranda or patio, individual access and are enclosed by a boundary wall that affords total privacy for your home.

Almost all villas have a view of the skyline and sunset from the living room and adjoining veranda. All are furnished with a customised kitchen, air conditioning and all the usual fittings and furnishing expected in a luxury property.

Siam Royal View Pattaya Villa Layout Design

Pattaya villas lit up at night

Our architects have developed a number of standard villa designs giving customers the ability to choose the design that suits them best. The designs of our Pattaya villas consist of basic layouts that can be configured to your personal preferences as they were specifically drawn up with flexibility in mind.

Choose the design you like from the links below and our architects will make changes to fit your detailed requirements regarding the number of bedrooms, internal room division and other details.

The customisation of our standard designs has resulted in many happy customers thrilled to be able to put their individual stamp on the look and feel of their new home.

Custom Design for your Pattaya Villa

Most people choose a pool for their Pattaya villa

For special locations within the village, or for a customer with a strong sense of individualism, our architects will also design custom villas, taking into account the overall harmonious look and feel of the village.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a visit and personal tour of Siam Royal View’s Pattaya property development or if you would like to receive regular updates from Siam Royal View please subscribe to our email list.