• Live the Dream
    Live the Dream

    Klong Son Bay, Koh Chang

  • Embrace the Ultimate
    Embrace the Ultimate

    Courtesy of Princess Yachts

  • Live the Life You’ve Earned
    Live the Life You’ve Earned

    Siam Royal View, Koh Chang

  • A Feast for the Senses
    A Feast for the Senses
  • The Best Views of Pattaya
    The Best Views of Pattaya

    Siam Royal View, Pattaya

  • The Other Way of Living
    The Other Way of Living

    Koh Chang

  • Living Grand - High Above
    Living Grand - High Above

    Siam Royal View, Pattaya

  • Take Your Quality Time
    Take Your Quality Time

    Koh Chang

  • Embrace the Beauty of Nature
    Embrace the Beauty of Nature

    Klong Son Bay, Koh Chang

  • Your Private Haven
    Your Private Haven

    Siam Royal View, Koh Chang

  • A Glorious Ambiance
    A Glorious Ambiance

    Koh Chang

  • Live Your Passion
    Live Your Passion

    Klong Son Bay, Koh Chang / 

    courtesy of Princess Yachts

  • Wake up to Your Dreams
    Wake up to Your Dreams

    Klong Son Bay, Koh Chang

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Daytime Activities on Koh Chang

There are a host of exciting daytime activities on Koh Chang to suit anyone from those seeking total relaxation to adventure junkies. 

Koh Chang Beaches

For many people, daytime activities on Koh Chang revolve around the beach - which is hardly surprising as there are several beautiful long powdery stretches of sand to choose from on the island. Koh Chang’s best beaches are predominantly located on the island’s west coast, starting with Klong Son beach, one of the best beaches bordering Siam Royal View.

Spending time on the beach the most popular daytime activity on Koh Chang

White Sand beach is the most popular and busiest beach, though even in high season there is plenty of room for all to enjoy - especially at low tide when the strip of sand is very wide. There are numerous eateries and bars along the beach at White Sand and plenty of minimarts and other conveniences on the main road nearby.

One beautiful beach follows the other as you head south past each headland, Klong Phrao, Kai Bae, Lonely Beach, Bai Lan, Bang Bao, Than Mayom, Kong Kang Bay and others, each with its own character, and varying degrees of seclusion and tranquillity. 

Discover Koh Chang Nature Trails

Within the protected national forest of Koh Chang are dozens of kilometres of amazing jungle hiking trails. The majority lead to stunning waterfalls common on the island’s interior and just perfect for a cooling dip in clean fresh water. Most of the trails only take a few hours and can lead to incredibly scenic vantage points, giving you a commanding view of the island.

Elephant Trekking in Koh Chang

Elephant trekking is one of the most popular daytime activities on Koh Chang and the opportunity to explore the forest from an elephant’s eye view. There are a couple of elephant camps on the island that will take provide treks through the jungle and fruit orchards atop one of these majestic beasts. Excursions often include elephant bathing, feeding and performances.

Elephant trekking one of the more exotic things to do on Koh Chang

Island Hopping in the Koh Chang Archipelago

There are around 60 islands of all shapes and sizes in the Chang archipelago, most as pristine as nature made them, with verdant interiors and surrounded by powdery beaches and sea life. Many offer fantastic opportunities for hiking, swimming, fishing and snorkelling. Only a dozen or so of these islands have accommodation, which ranges from back-to-basics huts to a handful of luxury resorts.

It is possible to take years exploring these lush hideaways, whether in your own craft, a readily available charter boat or by taking the daily transports to the larger islands of Koh Kut, Koh Mak and other popular islands.

Speedboat trips and diving on Koh Chang

Boating, Yachting, Water Sports and Fishing on Koh Chang

Windsurfing and water sports on Koh Chang

There are plenty of boating and water sport activities available in Koh Chang. Charter a sailing or powered yacht for the day or overnight and set off to explore the Koh Chang Marine Park, or stay closer to shore on a rented sailing dinghy, windsurfer or speedboat.

Jet ski on Koh Chang at our water sports centre

The Siam Royal View water sports centre has great facilities and Klong Son Bay is perfect for learning or indulging a passion for water sport activities.

Kayaking on Koh Chang

Diving & Snorkeling on Koh Chang

With several dozen islands with surrounding coral reefs, the Koh Chang archipelago offers a first class variety of diving and snorkelling opportunities with the chance to spot whale sharks that regularly visit the area. Aspiring or experienced divers can earn their PADI certificates and take additional courses, including wreck diving on a sunken World War II ship. For those who like to stay closer to the surface, there are countless excellent coral reefs throughout the archipelago perfect for snorkelers. 

Koh Chang offers excellent SCUBA diving

Game Fishing on Koh Chang

Throughout the year, you can haul in the big ones including barracuda, king mackerel, rays, snapper, rock cod, tuna and more in the pristine waters of the huge Koh Chang Marine Park. Charters for groups are available for day, night and overnight expeditions or you can head for the open seas on one of the scheduled daily excursions.


Siam Royal View’s development of Thailand villas on Koh Chang is one of Asia’s most exciting beach property projects. To find out more information please contact us or subscribe to our email newsletter.